Super Fast Update on the Babies

Monday, July 2, 2012

So, upon returning home from our travels, we discovered that there is a couple who wants to take over care for our foster babies and wants them for keeps if they go up for adoption!

That is just about the most amazing news we could have heard. That means this will be their last move if all goes well.

Plus, the family has already been through the process with DHS a few years ago when they thought they might want to adopt, so they could end up with the babies sooner rather than later.

There are lots of emotions going through my brian as we prepare to say goodbye to them, but more than anything, I am incredibly grateful that the Lord has watched out for them the way that He has.

What a blessing.

More news to come tomorrow. 324 of a year of writing.....

1 comment:

  1. See, things happen for a reason... Here's your sign, maybe not when you wanted or expected it. However, there it is. You two were meant to only carry them gently through life until these two wonderful people came along. You knew it all along in your heart, but your noggin' kept fighting it :). Whether they remember you 20 yrs down the road or not...I'll bet money in Vegas that you & the rest of the family made a difference in their life.


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