Joy in His word

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For a long time I have prayed for the desire to read God's word. I used to think it was a chore....something I had to cross of the list.

I have also never been a morning person. Since my children wake up with the sun, I decided that instead of being a total witch for the first 2 hours in the morning, maybe I should change my mindset. So I have been going to bed by 11:00 (most of the time), and waking up by 7:00.

I have found the best retreat in my backyard. Every morning, I head out there with my coffee and my bible, and what used to be a chore to me, has become something I can't get enough of.

I usually have to pull myself away to go about the tasks of the day. Sometimes my kiddos join me out there in the morning. Luke likes to chase the birds that come to our bird feeder, and Addy loves to swing or play in the sand box early in the morning.

Yesterday morning, I was starting the book of Luke. And I found so much simple and silly joy in the His word. I was reading about Elizabeth (the mother of John the Baptist) and Mary. I love Mary's reaction to the angel of the Lord when he tells her that she will carry the Son of God. She says, "I am the Lord's servant." (Luke 1:38)

Can you imagine?! An angel appears before you to tell you that you will supernaturally conceive a child through the Holy Spirit who will be called the Son of the Most Hight. What is your first reaction? Honestly? Mine would probably not be, "I am the Lord's servant." My response would probably be more like, "are you serious?!" I marvel at Mary and her faith. What a wonderful response, "I am the Lord's servant."

After that, Mary goes to visit Elizabeth who is carrying John the Baptist. And here is where my joy came from (I'm smiling right now just thinking about it)....when Mary calls out to Elizabeth, John jumped in Elizabeth's womb. Ah! I just love it. As if to say, John the Baptist was greeting Jesus and his mother. It just makes me smile.

Then the 2 women spent 3 months of their pregnancy together. Can you imagine the conversations they must have had? I just found so much joy in this simple story of that I had to share.

Praying you find joy today...

Session 6 of The Chazown Experience: Creating a 100-Day Plan

Well, you've almost done it! I am so proud of you. This session is extremely important to your overall success with living out your Chazown, so make sure you complete it!

Check out the final video from Craig as you follow along on page 25 of your participant guide.

Don't let the devil stop you from completing your 100 day plan! I know you can do this, and I am so very proud of you. Keep up the great work!

Still Talking Disney

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well we've been back in the real world for a few days now, and I'm still talking about Disney World. It is an incredible place in so many aspects, and it was truly magical to see my kids light up with joy.

Here is just a sampling of our week in the Happiest Place on Earth...

Day 1 at the Magic Kingdom...Let the Memories Begin

The face of pure joy. She had no idea what to expect. 

Cinderella's castle...possibly one of the most photographed places in the world. 

Luke was in heaven with Mickey Mouse everywhere. 

The shows at Disney are incredible. We walked right up to this one in front of Cinderella's castle right when we got there. 

Addy was super excited to ride the Carousel. 

 After a great day at the Magic Kingdom, we headed over to the Wilderness campgrounds on a boat for dinner.

Addy and Luke enjoying a game of checkers while waiting for our table. 

Trail's End is a southern style buffet. It was good....not fantastic, but it was a same day reservation. The atmosphere was fun, and the kids had a great time there. 

Yummy brownie.

These trees reminded me of the trees in Savannah, GA..

After dinner, we played at the park for a little bit. Of course the kids LOVED that. 

 And the evening would not have been complete without a ride on a horse drawn carriage through the woods. We saw bats coming out of a bat house, Cinderella's horses, and a few bunnies.

The princess practice begins on her royal carriage. 

Cinderella's 2 white ponies. They were cute. 

Shhhhh...we're looking for deer.

Our horse, Drummer, after a nice little trek through the woods. 

On the boat ride back to our resort, we passed right by this water  parade. There is never a dull moment at Disney World.

 Day 2 began with a wonderful breakfast put on by Scentsy. After some recognition from Orville and Heidi, we were joined by some friends. My kids immediately ran to Lotso.

Waiting for Buzz and Woody. 

"Momma Kay" posing with the unstoppable duo for her grandkids. 

Addy loved meeting the characters from Up. 

The Up characters wanted to meet Orvile and Heidi. 

Just a few amazing women. Cassie Stevenson, Debi Mangan, and Alice Kalilimoku. What an honor to be in their presence. 

 At Hollywood Studios, we found a few more characters.

Meeting Mickey Mouse.

 On day 3 of our trip, we took a bus over to Typhoon Lagoon. The kids could have stayed here all week I think. They love the sand and the water.

 We had dinner reservations that night at the Magic Kingdom. Luke took a nap on the way home from Typhoon Lagoon, so he was ready to go. He and I headed to the Magic Kingdom for our dinner. Brian and Addy napped, and Brian found a reservation for 2 at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian for a Princess dinner. (more pictures to come on that dinner soon)

Riding the train around the Magic Kingdom. He loved it. 

Waiting in line to ride the Magic Carpet ride.  

It was a hit.
 Just a couple pictures from Addy's dinner with the Cinderella characters. Most of them are on Brian's phone. She was picked to dance with Prince Charming! So precious!
Addy and one of the evil step sisters. 

Luke and I met Addy and Brian at the Grand Floridian after the princess dinner. 

We spent the 4th day just taking it easy. We headed over to Downtown Disney to look around and have lunch. That night we headed back out to the parks. We had a Fast Pass for the Toy Story ride. It was a blast.

Addy posing in her 3D glasses....just wait....there are more poses. 

I was serious about the poses. She is too funny. 

Almost there....

Shooting at the targets. We all loved it. 

 After the Toy Story ride, we took a boat over to Epoct where we had dinner reservations in Morocco.

Dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh.

Addy got to dance with the belly dancer. 

 After dinner, we headed over to Italy for Gelato. Addy did a little ballet show for us while we waited for the light show.

On day 5 (Friday) we headed over to the Animal Kingdom.

The tree of life. Ironically it's the only artificial tree on the property. It was impressive though.  

At the Bug's Life 3D show. 

Festival of the Lion King. Addy loved it. She said she wasn't scared at all. (A Bug's Life scared her.) 

It was a great show full of songs, dancing, and fun. 

With Goofy at Camp Mickey Minnie. We met lots of characters that day. It was their favorite part. 

Waiting to meet Minnie.

Love at first sight. 

He loved it! 

Even Chip-n-Dale were there. 

We ran into Pocahontas walking on the unbeaten path. 
After the Animal Kingdom, we headed to the room for a much needed nap in preparation for our Dream Dinner thrown by Scentsy. It was a ball. There was a show just for us that you can't see anywhere at Disney World. The fairy god mother narrated it and walked us down memory lane with songs from probably a dozen different movies. It was magical!

Ariel was there. 

Addy sang along with Rapunzel. 

Mary Poppins showed up! 

And so many more. The finale was awesome! The whole gang was there. 

So cool! 

 That night after the show, we caught the fireworks from the balcony of our hotel.

 Saturday was our last day in Disney World. We spent the morning and early afternoon at the hotel pool and splash area (which my kids thought was the coolest place in the world!) and that evening we had a princess dinner in Norway.

Addy with a couple more poses for you. 

 Then it was princess dinner time! Really it was one of the highlights of the trip. We all had a great time and the food was incredible.

In the royal princess carriage.

Our castle....

Belle was waiting it greet us. 

Luke LOVED the princesses. Really he did. 

Weighing his dinner options...."what shall I have? Chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese?" 

Sweet kisses.

All the princesses and princes getting ready for their parade around the castle. 

"It was so cool!"

Cinderella was 1st up!

Then Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beaty). She was my favorite! So sweet! 

Then Snow White. 

Addy's Mickey Mouse ravioli. She has more than once told us it was her favorite thing about Disney World. I guess that warrants a picture. 

Ariel (aka the little mermaid) another one of my favorites. She was so sweet to the kids. 

We finished off our dinner with a nice photo of this Viking. How appropriate.

The Finding Nemo ride. 

Watching the dolphin swim in the aquarium. 

Headed home on the monorail. 

 What a week. I'll let the pictures speak. Hope you enjoyed.

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