Giving Hope

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh my goodness it's been quiet here for so long! Brian may have started a rumor that I'm not writing here because I'm writing a book. And while, it's true that I absolutely am going to write a book, I haven't started yet

I do have this deep desire to write though. It's definitely a desire of my soul, and I feel it beginning again. 


Did you know that April 24th is National Pay it Forward day!? What if we did something big and blessed a lot of people between now and then? Sounds good to me. 

If you know my story at all, you know that several years ago, my heart was captured by a little girl named Ellie Kate. Ellie suffered from a rare and serious condition called NKH. You can read more about NKH here. You can read more about how Ellie Kate impacted my life here

Ellie's momma, Ryan, along with her friend, Amy, are the co-founders of an incredible organization called Hope Link. Hope Link's mission is to connect mother's who have children with rare or undiagnosed disorders while providing encouragement, hope, and support through fellowship and prayer. 

These mommas spend most of their days in and out of appointments and therapies. They live lives that most of us can't even imagine. They are solely devoted to their babies and children. I have never seen a more selfless group of women. Their courage and tenacity has inspired me. They have helped me to understand that fear is only a real thing if you allow it to be. These women are the definition of Hope. They are the hope for their families and their children. They are advocates, fighters, doers. They are women of prayer who serve each other selflessly. 

Hope Link exists to bring them hope. Many of these mommas have babies in heaven and they continue to be a part of the Hope Link family....serving, giving, supporting. 

But today, as we anticipate National Pay it Forward day, I'm asking you to give them a little bit of hope. We are creating a Giving Circle. It's a circle of people who all believe that moms and families who have children with rare or undiagnosed disorders, should have a safe place, a group of people who support and love them. 

You can join our circle, with a $10 recurring monthly donation. Join our circle here.

You can read more about Hope Link and what your $10 donation will contribute to by clicking here

Thanks for loving these families. They truly deserve it. 

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