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Monday, July 30, 2012

I was talking to my dad today via text, and I asked him if he would come harvest avocados for us if we ever moved to California and bought a house with lots of avocado trees. He said he would. He said he would do just about anything for $15/hour if he could quit working as a pharmacist (it's what he's done my entire life).

My dad is pretty laid back. Brian and I joked that all he really needs to be happy is his mountain bike, his dogs, and a place to lay his head at night.

I would live here. I really would. I mean, why wouldn't you? The weather is amazing all the time. You're only an hour from the beach. You can have fruit and avocado trees in your backyard. Our family would come see us. We could drop everything and do whatever we wanted when they're here. We have friends here already. How could that be bad?

I know I promised to take pictures. But I only took one today.  Sorry! Don't be mad at me.

We drove around more today. We got lost again (sort of) and found some cheap avocados.

Just for the record, we pay $1 a piece for avocados in Oklahoma. 

I'm very ready to go home tomorrow and see my babies, but I'm not at all ready to leave this beautiful weather. 

I really just wish I could fly them out here. That would be more fun. 

We spent the day outside. We drove all over Temecula. We ate dinner outside. We walked the streets of Old Town Temecula and got chilly. Really? It's just so beautiful here. 

I really want to bring my babies here one time before this new baby comes in November. It's just dreamy here. 

Tomorrow is our anniversary. Eight years married to the man of my dreams.

I always thought it was crazy when people said they love their spouses more after years and years of marriage than when they first got married, but now I get it.

I have loved spending the past couple of days here with him. It's been great. We've laughed and dreamed and essentially done nothing but enjoyed each other's company. And I couldn't ask for anything more. 353 of a year of writing.....

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