Our Last Weekend as a Family of Six

Friday, July 6, 2012

I can't believe I'm even writing it.

It still seems unreal. Our foster babies are being moved on Monday to their final foster home that will hopefully one day be their final home.

I talked to their new momma today for a long time and just cried because it so incredibly clear how the Lord's hand has been involved in this entire process.

The babies are moving to a new Mommy and Daddy and a big sister who is almost four years old. Their soon to be big sister looks exactly like them. Tow headed as can be. They will fit right in.

This couple lost their first child at six weeks old and while spending all the time in the NICU that they did, they believed that the Lord laid it on their hearts to adopt.

They were later blessed with what they call their miracle baby, but while pregnant with their daughter, they began the process of becoming certified through DHS to adopt.

That was four years ago, and they have never fostered or adopted up to this point.

They have known our babies since they were born and began considering fostering when they knew they would need another placement due to the upcoming arrival of our third baby. But, they were extremely hesitant. They did not want to bring children into their home and have them taken away.

It's a scary thought, especially when you want to adopt.

It was less than two weeks ago when this family knew that these babies were meant to be theirs. They decided to put all fear aside and to love our babies.

Their daughter had been praying for a little sister. She was told that they would have to pray and ask God if He had a sister for her or not. They explained that they would have to fill out some paperwork and talk to a lot of people, and maybe, there would be a sister soon.

She said she would just start asking God herself for a sister.

Their home study was done earlier this week (by an angel if you ask their four year old), and was approved today.

It is truly a blessing on all sides.

My emotions are mixed. I'm excited about the next phase in our family's life. I'm excited about a real home and a real mommy and daddy and sister for the babies.

But I'm also sad.

I know there will be some relief when it's just the four of us again. But, I also know that part of me and part of us will forever live somewhere else.

They have changed us. Each of us. They have made us stronger, more giving, more patient, more obedient. They have taught us that there is always more than just us. There is always more.

We decided that the best way to transition the babies is for them to be placed with their new family and not see us for a very long time. Maybe ever. That breaks my heart. But I truly believe it's what's best for them. Otherwise, they'll just be confused.

So this is it. Our last two days as a family of six, and then all we have waited for is gone.

This really is quite the process. It's not normal, not natural, but oh, so necessary. They had to be loved. Had to be cared for. And the Lord picked us to do it.

.....day 329 of a year of writing.....

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  1. I was a foster parent for 6 years and know this feeling all too well. I am so proud of your strength and devotion. It is all part of his plan. We adopted 3 from care before we quit. Never did we intend on it,we just wanted to help the Lords children. However, the Lord had other plans for our family. I now need to go back and read all of your story. Thank you for sharing!


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