The Joys of Pregnancy

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So, I have a history of having relatively easy pregnancies. And suddenly at week 22 of pregnancy #3, I feel old.

I felt especially old as I stood in the adult underwear aisle at Walgreens picking out my first compression sock. 

Don't you worry though. I found a nude compression sock that is also toeless and heel less so I'm sure you'll never be able to see it with my shorts (please note the sarcasm).

Unfortunately, I think the varicose vein in my right leg is turning into more than just an ugly eyesore. It's spreading in a really strange way, and it hurts quite a bit, especially by the end of the day. 

All the nurses in my family looked at it today at my brother-in-law's surprise birthday party. Hold the party! Let me roll down my compression sock and show you my big bulging veins! 

Yes, I'm that much fun at a party. 

They all concluded that it needs an ultrasound. Weird. I didn't even know they did that, but apparently I need it. 

So, I guess tomorrow will consist of me calling the doctor and telling him of my issue and waiting to see who can see me and when. 

Oh, the joys of pregnancy! But it's all worth it. 
If you think of it, will you pray for healing of my leg. We don't want it to turn into a blood clot (which is the biggest threat of varicose veins). 

And with that, me and my compression sock are going to bed. 334 of a year of writing.....


  1. Keeping you and your compression sock covered leg in my prayers. :) Thank you for being you!!

    ~ Shelli ~

  2. I had to buy my first pair of compression socks last week as well. Although i sent my hubby to do it and so I have black trouser compression socks that are super attractive! But Hey whatever helps with these feet swelling I'm open for!! Hope everything turns out well when you call the doc today... as if we don't go to the doctor enough while were pregnant... those extra trips are never fun! Hang in there!


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