Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Well, we made it to Vegas. We spent a good portion of the day travelling, but we are here.

I'm pretty much exhausted and very excited about what tomorrow holds since tomorrow will be the official beginning of this year's Scentsy family convention!

I snapped a few photos so you could feel like you were here. I promise to take tons and tons tomorrow and the days that follow.

Also, if I am your SuperStar Director, we were planning a Meet and Greet tomorrow in our room from 4-6. We have run into a slight problem since you have to have a room key to access the elevators to the rooms at our hotel.

So, because of that, we're looking for some other place to host a come and go Meet and Greet. I'm open for ideas if you have any.

Waiting for a table at Maggianos (I love Maggianos!) 

Inside the pretty. Those hanging balls are made of flowers, not paper. 

Cool chandeliers and ceiling

I want this in my house....who can do this? 
The carpet in the hallway of our hotel. 

I just love a glowing peacock. 
Promising to take real pictures (and lots of them) with my real camera (not my phone) tomorrow. 347 of a year of writing.....

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