And We're Growing

Thursday, July 19, 2012

So, we're in the middle of planning our next training event and I'm super excited. There is just something about teaching that is in my blood.

Our theme this year is Grow (very appropriately) since the Scentsy family is about to grow by leaps and bounds after the launch of our newest brand on August 1st.

Next week at Scentsy's National Convention, we'll all find out what that new brand is, and I can hardly wait.

By the way, here comes a shameless plug, if you're not yet registered for our mini convention, you can register to join us online or in person. And it doesn't matter who you belong to in the Scentsy family. Everyone is welcome to attend. For more information or to register, go to

Until then, I'm mulling over ideas in my mind to talk about at our mini convention aka Grow. I have this vision of having everyone fill out what would basically be a business plan for the entire next year of their business.....sort of like the Farmer's Almanac in sticking with the theme.  And my brain is reeling with ideas on how to put it all together.

I am curious (as always) what it is that you struggle with the most in running a small business (most often from home) where you work for yourself. It's tough, I know.

But specifically, what is it that you struggle with the most when it comes to your business? I'm really curious. I want to make sure that what we talk about and how we share to set goals is practical to your needs.

Ready....go? 342 of a year of writing.....


  1. My biggest struggle is the isolation of working at home. When I was a teacher selling Scentsy on the side, I had a market-- I was leaving the house, DRESSED, to go to work, I had social opportunities to talk about Scentsy. Now that I'm at home to do Scentsy full time, I have to force myself to get dressed and work the business. It's too easy to plop down in front of the TV or get on FB and then wonder where the day went. You argue with yourself back and forth about whether to go out and deliver that order or drop off that flyer or wait till you have a reason to go out. Depression can easily set in (in my case already a battle) and as the business struggles, you struggle emotionally too.

  2. I struggle with motivation sometimes. I do better when there is a goal/incentive to work toward. If there isn't one, I find myself aimlessly wandering.... I need structure and a plan. I think you are headed down the right path with a yearly plan. It gives you some focus and gratification when you succeed. :) Hope that helps!

  3. The paperwork and record keeping. It is the BIGGEST frog that I have let keep getting bigger this year. :-((((
    Also need help to better utilize social media. To somehow simplify the process and help knowing what to "post" or tweet.

  4. I work full time and trying to build by Scentsy biz is hard when I get off work. A class to talk about people working full time and doing this on the side would be helpful


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