I Can't Keep a Secret

Monday, July 23, 2012

Less than two days ago, I concocted a change of plans to surprise Brian for our eight year anniversary. I kept that secret about all of twenty-four hours.

I just can't keep a secret.

Today I spilled the beans and told him that I changed our flight plan home from Vegas. Instead of coming home, we're going to wine country for two days.

Yep. I can't keep my mouth shut. Oh well.

He is really excited and now we get to share in the excitement together. So, we'll be spending our anniversary in one of our favorite places with some incredible views like this...

and this....

I really wish I could have held out and kept my mouth shut until we were getting ready to come home, but I just cannot keep a secret. 

Plus, it's more fun when we both know.

So much for secrets..... 

.....day 346 of a year of writing.....

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  1. Hah I am the SAME exact way! I usually end up giving Luke his Christmas present early cause I can't wait. Have SOOOO much fun!


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