If You Need Something to Read on the Plane

Sunday, July 22, 2012

So, I know that many of you are Scentsy peeps, and many of you are heading to Las Vegas (some of you are already there!).

Thanks to a wonderful friend, I just found a great book that I'm already loving.

It's called The Pumpkin Plan and it's written by Mike Michalowicz. I just picked it up today, and if I didn't have a million things to do in preparation for our Vegas trip, I would be done with it.

It's awesome. I love its simple business concepts, and I think it would be greatly beneficial to so many of you, especially as we welcome another brand to the Scentsy line this week!

So, if you need something to read on the plane or while you're at home waiting for all the social media buzz, pick up a copy of The Pumpkin Plan. I snagged the last copy at the Barnes and Noble in OKC, but I'm sure you can find one somewhere.

You can check out the Pumpkin Plan official website here or you can get a copy for $12.99 to read in ibooks here. You can also order a hardcover copy of the book from Amazon here for $16.72 or get a copy to read on your Kindle here for only $12.99.

Happy reading.

.....day 345 of a year of writing.....

1 comment:

  1. Thanks!! I've been trying to decide what to read on my way to and from Vegas, and during my 2.5 hour layover. Yay!


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