And We Think We'll Stay, Thank You

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

For a while we have been looking for a house and then looking for land to build, and now we think we're finally settled on staying here for the time being.

Brian would move to southern California in a second if I said let's go, but now is not the time. I told him I would pray about it and consider it.

We were pretty set on building and had even found land that we loved, but for some reason it just doesn't feel right yet.

So for the time being, we think we'll stay right where we are.

That decision does mean making some changes. We have a separate office space that we lease right now, but I never ever work there. It's basically just one big tax write off right now. We have our meetings there, but that's about the only purpose it serves.

We've had the office for almost two years now, and have decided not to renew our lease. But, that means that I desperately need a space to work in our home. Right now I work from the tiny built in desk located in our kitchen, and from our back porch, and kitchen table, and dining room table, and basically wherever I can find to lay all my stuff out.

So upon deciding to stay where we are, we decided that having an office space for me in our home is vital.

The only place we have to do that is in our current playroom which is currently Bailey's room and was at one time the attic.

The plan is to make a large portion of that space an office for me. We'll also still have part of it be our guest bedroom, and I'm sure a fair amount of toys and baby items will make their way into the space as well.

The "soon to be office" is only accessed through our fourth bedroom (soon to be a nursery), so it's not ideal, but it'll be a great solution for the next year while we pray about where we really want to be.

Of course, all this planning has me searching for ideas. Thank you pinterest for a little inspiration.

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

Source: via Allison on Pinterest

Won't this be a fun adventure? It's always an adventure. 327 of a year of writing.....

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