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Friday, July 27, 2012

Convention has always been a time to recharge, remember, and be inspired.

I have definitely been able to do those things this week. But it's about so much more than even that.

The past two days have reminded me of where we started, the struggles we faced, the obstacles we overcame, and the people who came with us and essentially changed our lives.

When I signed up to sell Scentsy almost five years ago, I had no idea that this is where we would be such a short time later.

We went from being bound by credit card debt to being debt free. We went from being bound by our situations and our jobs to being small business owners and our own bosses.

We went from living paycheck to paycheck to giving away more money in a year than we used to make in a year.

In five years.

But it wasn't us. We are part of an incredible company that has done the hard part. They risked it all, they came up with the money and resources to get started. They hired employees and came up with new ideas and a plan to lead the fragrance industry.

We paid our $99 to get our starter kit and put our heads to the ground and worked.

Today was a reminder of all that.

I so often get caught up in the day to day, in the here and now, that I forget to remember where we've come from, who we've met along the way, and who we are now as a result.

Today was that gentle reminder of all those things.

I'll admit. I've been coasting for a while now. I've been working for sure, and helping my frontline and offering myself, but I haven't really been working my personal business the way I should.

We have great customers who sustain our monthly minimums with no problem, so it's often easy to get into leadership mode and let my own business goals and aspirations slip away.

Leading is what we do and who we are, but for our business to continue to grow, we have to be doing the things that made us leaders in the first place. And that is all centered around home parties and recruiting....sharing the Scentsy vision and opportunity.

I was definitely inspired today. Moved. Reminded. Recharged. But it can't stay here. It has to come home and turn into discipline and movement in our lives.

So as a reminder to me, and possibly a help to you, here are some of my favorite quotes from today's speakers:

From Carrie Wilkerson aka The Barefoot Executive
Turn your excuses into your reasons why you must. You can let your children be the reason why you can't or you can let your children be the reason why you must. 
Their business is not your business. Their life is not your life. Their way is not your way. It's your life. Do it your way.
No one can fire you except you.
In order to have true freedom, you must embrace routine, discipline, and a schedule.
You are your own boss. Be a tough boss.
Ask yourself: If you were working for someone else the way you're working for yourself, would you still have a job?
It's not about making more. It's about living more.
Until you know your "why," you can't get excited about the way you work.
You are no good to the Scentsy family until you know why you're doing what you're doing.
Your struggles are success training.
In order for it to work, you have to make a choice that's it's going to work.

From Dewitt Jones:
It is not trespassing to go beyond your own boundaries.
Train your technique. Put yourself in the place of most potential. Open yourself to possibility.
Focus your vision by asking yourself what's right with the situation.
Life is not about looking for the right answer. Life is about continually finding the NEXT answer.
Don't strive to be the best in the world. Strive to be the best for the world.
From Orville Thompson:
Stop worrying about what others are doing. Focus on what you can do to build your business.
Contributing more than you take only truly works if you believe in the spirit of abundance which says that there is enough business for everyone.
We are either motivated by love or by fear. Which are you motivated by?
The fear of competition is greater than competition itself.

My mind is reeling. I'm brainstorming my goals for the year.  I'm reevaluating my why. I'm working on being inspired again so I can be inspiring.

Whew! I needed all that. Motivation is a good thing.

Going to be bed motivated tonight....

.....day 350 of a year of writing.....

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