Saturday, August 24, 2013

A couple days ago I wrote about how I want to really live. Not live like the world tells me to live, but live how it feels good in my soul. 

I think one of the things that goes along with living is having lovies that we indulge in. Maybe that needs a little explanation. So lovies at our house, are my kids little comfort blankies. They sleep with them, they delight in them, they are calmed by them. 

There is nothing extravagant about their lovies. Lovies are about a feeling. I think so many of us don't even know what we love about the world. I know that we weren't made for this world, and there are many things not to love here, but there are so many things to delight in, but sometimes we miss those things because we are so miserably busy. 

I decided the other day that I want everyone in our family to make a list of lovies. I started a list for everyone, and I think I know my family well enough to know what their lovies are, but I should know for sure. So, we're going to get together, make our lovies list, and use it to serve each other as a family. 

For example, this is my lovies list. There are the things that I find joy and delight in here on this earth. 
  • dates with daddy
  • dates with my kiddos {special individual time with each of them} 
  • time to study God's word
  • running  
  • fresh flowers
  • a tidy living space 
  • dinner time with my family around a table
  • coffee 
  • red wine
  • washi tape 
  • books {real ones with paper}
  • notebooks 
  • snuggle time 
  • painted toes
  • chocolate 
  • the beach 
  • bookstores
  • the back porch 
  • music (in love with Ben Rector right now) 
  • mason jars 
  • good blankets 
  • unnecessary and childless Target trips
  • sending love mail 
  • scentsy bars
  • the occasional long and Lush filled bubble bath 
  • boxes on my porch
  • long and dream filled conversations with my hubby 
Some of those are silly. Some of them are selfish. But all of those things are lovies in my life. They make me smile. They bring happiness to my day. And I think I need a little more of them in my life. Do you know what your lovies are? Do you know what your family's lovies are? If we don't know, how do we really serve them? 

This week, my family is going to make up our lovies lists. We'll keep them displayed in the house as a reminder of how we can bring joy, happiness, and love to each other. 

We could all use a little more love. This post brought to you as a reminder that maybe we should just live

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  1. this is great! great to figure these out for ourselves and recognize when we have that tank full or need more filling!


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