Back to School Teacher Gift

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I know it's Labor Day weekend, and college football kick off day. Hooray! As I type this, 15+ family members are exiting my house after an impromptu OU watch party. Boomer Sooner! 

This week, Addy and I put together a fun little back to school teacher gift for her sticker loving teacher. 

Addy said that her teacher just loves stickers. She loves all kinds of them, so we decided to put together a back to school gift for her. (It was all Addison's idea). 

We bought a mason jar, a cabinet knob, and stickers. 

I had Brian drill a hole through the top of the mason jar so we could put the knob on top. We then glued the 2 pieces of the lid together so it would all function as one piece. 

Addy then filled the jar up with stickers, and there ya have it! A back to school gift. You could use this mason jar with a knob idea and put anything you like inside. It's a fun little presentation, and would make for some fun Christmas gifts. 

Happy Labor day weekend ya'll! 

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