When you just want to cry

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I really just want to cry. 

I tried to think of a million other ways to start this post and a million other things to write about, but it's all I can think about. 

My daughter started 1st grade today at a new school with a new teacher and new friends. I expected to pick her up and for her to be giddy and anxious to tell me about the day, but she was visibly not happy. 

What's a mama to do? It was only the 1st day, and I know there is a lot to cover on the 1st day, but she's 6. She just kept saying that all they did all day was sit and have to listen to the teacher. 

I'm pretty sure we would have a hard time adjusting to anyone after the amazing kindergarten teacher we had last year. She was seriously amazing. Loves kids, incredibly patient, visibly made to teach. I was always in shock and awe when I went to work in her classroom, she was just an incredibly talented and passionate teacher. And after all the crazy school tragedies that went on last year, I never once hesitated to send Addy back to school. I trusted her completely. 

And isn't that what you want? How do you leave your child all day long with someone you don't know? I mean, we met her yesterday at the teacher Meet and Greet. She seemed nice enough. It's hard to get a grasp of someone in 20 minutes ya know? She's been teaching for 20 years, and there is going to be a sweet young student teacher in the classroom this semester. And I'm sure it'll be fine. 

But after today, I dunno. Maybe it won't be. 

Addison is laid back and loves school. Absolutely loves it. But her only school experience has involved 2 incredible teachers (for pre-k and kindergarten). And I'm sure this teacher is great. I mean, it's only been one day. I just never expected her to come home feeling the way she did, and it makes this mama's heart sad. 

I mean, we want the absolute best for our children. What if she continues to come home this way? What do i do? I can't let her experience 1st grade unhappy. 

I knew this was going to happen eventually. I just didn't think it would be this soon. 

I know that you can't tell anything after one day. We'll give it some time and see what transpires. Has anyone else ever had a normally happy to go to school kiddo come home unhappy? And what did you do? 

Being a momma is hard. 


  1. I experienced this when my daughter changed daycare and she is two lol. I teared up every morning but eventually her sadness stopped and she looked happy to go to school.

  2. We had a fantastic kindergarten teacher but Jordan's first grade teacher was awful. She only saw the worst in Jordan. We pulled her out and home schooled for the next year and half. You can always switch classrooms. Talk to the other teachers, visit their classrooms and find one that you think will fit your child so you have a backup plan in case things don't smooth out. :)

  3. This breaks my heart. I hope today was so much better for her and I pray that you find the right answers to help her little heart have the best school experience.


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