A Wedding Weekend

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Well Lordy, Lordy what a weekend it has been! 
As you know, we came home from Colorado in the middle of the night last Tuesday. We slept and played catch up as best we could all day Wednesday which also happened to be our 9 year anniversary. 
Thursday we went and got Addy enrolled in her new school. We're all so excited! We took a family trip to Target for groceries and school supplies, and before we knew it, the wedding weekend had started. 
Brian was in a beautiful wedding last night, and since the couple live in New York, the festivities started on Thursday with a couple's shower. Friday morning Brian took care of the yard work while the kids and I did our best to get our house back in order (which totally didn't happen), and then Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. 
It was interesting to say the least. You can read about it here.
Saturday morning Brian was out of the house early doing groomsman stuff. I planned on using Saturday to do laundry and unpack and clean my house, but for whatever crazy reason, I thought it would be fun to take all 3 kids to Office Depot and Target. Yes, I'm crazy! 
We had to make a pit stop at McDonald's because Luke was getting car sick. That's always fun. We ended up eating lunch and playing, and Brian stopped by to switch me cars and have a bite to eat with us. 
After McDonald's we headed to Office Depot where we bought way more than we planned on. Turns out my kids are office supply lovers too. We spent a lot of time in the fun pencil area (and bought too many pencils and giant erasers), and turns out that they love washi tape too. Scotch makes it now and they had a huge display at Office Depot! (And right about now, I'm wishing I had pictures of all of this.) 
Then we headed to Target where I bribed them to be good. Don't judge me. There are 3 of them. I was largely outnumbered. 
We picked out some school clothes and new jammies. I found a dress to wear to the wedding {talk about a huge success!}, and the kiddos picked out a toy before we left....remember? I bribed them. 
And as soon as we got home, I was off and running getting myself and Addy ready to head to the wedding. It was a beautiful (and very short) ceremony. 

Addison came to the ceremony with me. She loved all 25 minutes of it. But then I took her home before heading to the Farmer's Market for the reception. I let her pick where she wanted to grab dinner on the way home, and she picked Taco Bell. 

We snapped a quick mommy/daughter shot before I headed back to the reception. 

It was a fun and exhausting weekend to say the least. We spent the day doing more clean up and organization. I'm sure you'll hear all those details next week. Hope your weekend was full of joy! 

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