The List of Lovies

Sunday, August 25, 2013

We painted a chicken's toenails blue today. You don't need to re-read it. That's what I said. Painted chicken toe nails. Yep. That's the kind of day we had. 

The chicken coop (or the chicken mansion as I have lovingly dubbed it) is almost complete. It should be 100% done tomorrow. But the chickens are sleeping in there tonight, and we got 3 new ones today! Hence, the toenail painting. 

We went to church at 1:00 today which we never do, but Brian was busy working on the coop, and the kids were helping. After church it as naps for the kids and dad and a grocery trip to Target for me, list in hand, headphones plugged in, listening to Ben Rector the whole time. Yes, I'm obsessed. 

When I got home, Brian and Addy headed to Guthrie to buy fresh eggs for $1 a dozen. Seriously. They have a bunch of hens laying right now and an abundance of eggs so they're selling them for $1/dozen. That's crazy. So we splurged and got 3 dozen and 3 new chickens. That's a grand total of 6 chickens. They are cute in a weird dinosaur kind of way. 

We joked about naming them things like Curry (because of them is named Curly, but when Luke says it, it sounds like Curry) and Pad Thai, and KFC. By the way, we have no plans to eat these hens....just their eggs, but we are still big chicken eaters (only the no hormone, no antibiotics kind). But it is a little weird now that we have chicken friends out there. 

Anyways, after all the chicken events of the day, we sat down for dinner and started talking about our lovies. The kids and I had talked about it earlier in the day, so we introduced daddy to the concept, and then we all guessed what his lovies were {and we were right.} 

But for the is a list of our lovies. My list (which is by far the longest) is here

Brian's lovies {daddy} 
  • cooking 
  • dinner with his family 
  • hunting (2 weeks in Colorado every year) 
  • the mountains 
  • chill time on the couch 
  •  the beach 
  • OU football 
  • Thunder basketball 
  • wings
  • the kids suggested chickens and he said, they might be his lovies, but since he's been working on the coop for 12 days straight, he's not sure yet

Addy's lovies
  • Art 
  • reading 
  • riding horses
  • the mountains 
  • special dates with daddy
  • getting her nails done with mommy 
  • flowers (picking them and having them in the house)
  • dinner at a restaurant 
  • ice cream!

Luke's lovies:
  • sword fighting 
  • wrestling (he said wrestling and sword fighting are the same since they are both fighting) 
  • snuggling 
  • Unpluggits (a fun paint and play kid place in our town) 
  • music 
  • reading (he said this is not one of his lovies, but he loves doing it) 
  • special dates with mom or dad
  • picking out a new toy
  • ice cream
I'm looking forward to adding to these lovey lists as we all change and grow, but I'm also excited about intentionally serving and loving my family by making sure they have these things frequently. 

I think I should mention that lovies are by no means going to bring you peace and joy, only Jesus Christ can do that. But they are things of this world that we can delight in while we're here. They can make you happy and comfort you temporarily, but by no means do I want you to think that a list of lovies will make life great. It won't. The purpose of the lovey list is to know, recognize, and indulge in those things that make you happy. 

Here's to our lovey lists. How do you plan on using yours? 

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