Chickens and online grocery shopping and other shenanigans

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So I guess we're officially chicken people. We have had and kept 3 chickens alive for over a week now. Done. Victory. 

We're all getting a little better at catching them. Well, not really. Brian and Luke are good at catching them. Addy and I are sort of wussies. I'm much better than she is, but we're still at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to catching chickens. I think Wyatt is even better than us. He has caught a few by the tail a couple times. Which is entertaining. 

I have so much great news aside from the fact that we are chicken owners. 

1. My assistant is back! 
Praise the Lord! I don't know how I ever lived without her. It was horrible while she was on maternity leave, I just didn't get to have any kind of fun. (not quite true, but almost). Yeah, yeah, and double yeah. And if you're new and want to know why I have an assistant, I promise I'm not just a SAHM with an assistant. That might be a little excessive. I think that's what nannies are for, and I sort of have one of those too. (I'm not trying to be super woman over here). Anyways, she is my assistant for our Scentsy business which is our sole source of income, so it's kind of important, but I didn't quit my teaching job to work 40 hours a week, thus, an assistant. 

2. Did you know you can grocery shop online?! 
So we have this grocery store here called Uptown, and you can grocery shop online and just go pick it up. Not kidding. I mean, it's really too good to be true. I spent 20 minutes ordering online (and I'm pretty sure it will be faster the 2nd time around because you can shop from your previous carts), paid a $9.95 fee, drove up, popped my truck, and picked up my groceries. I'm serious. I would not joke about such things. Oh, and they didn't even charge me the 9.95 since it was my first time online shopping. 

They called me twice to substitute a brand that they were out of, and you can actually mark that you'd like them to just make substitutions for you. It was almost one of the easiest things I've ever done, and is totally worth ten bucks. Especially if you have lots of kids whom you don't wish to take grocery shopping. I'm just saying. 

Plus, I think it saved me money because I didn't buy stuff that looked goo because I was hungry, and the website shows you what everything costs per unit side by side so you can quickly pick the least inexpensive item. 

I don't even know how it's worth it to them, but I'm not telling them that. I'm sold. Oh, and if you're really in a pickle, they'll deliver for $25. Seriously. We pay more than that for pizza delivery in a night. (I mean, that's with fresh pizza, but add a frozen pizza to your cart, and your groceries will come with pizza too!)  I just had to share. 

3. Dinner 
We are a dinner at the table kind of family. Every night. No TV. No phones. Sometimes music. My family is happier when we eat together. The last week, however, we have not been eating together. Brian has been working day and night building a chicken coop. Really it's a chicken house, and it got shingles today! He's almost done. 

So when he said he was taking the night off, and since I went grocery shopping and all, we made dinner for the 1st time in a few nights, and it made me so happy. And my kids were so happy. They love the attention they get at the dinner table.

Tonight was simple. Baked potatoes, chicken kabobs, and strawberries. And we like it simple like that.

After dinner we let the chickens out to roam and pillage. The kids played while Brian and I sat in the yard observing our new mole hills. Yes, we have moles. Don't know when they showed up, but I heard they are tough to get rid of.

That's really it over here. We're trying to adjust to school life again. Addy is loving her school and her teacher and her friends, so we're happy about that. 

Lastly, will you pray for my friend, Jari. Take a moment to read her story here. She is a dear friend of mine who may have to leave her home behind tonight because of a terrible wildfire near Missoula, Montana. 

Remember that you are loved! Happy Wednesday. 


  1. LOVE the idea of online grocery shopping! I totally could have done that when my husband was on deployment!!! GENIUS!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!

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