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Saturday, August 24, 2013

So I regularly talk about the importance of being your best host and hosting your own Open Houses when need be. 

There is no huge secret except being consistent. Well that's a broken record. I do my best to make my customers feel spoiled and loved and appreciated for coming while keeping things fairly simple on my end. 

Today it took me and hour and 1/2 to set up. I didn't use anything except what was in my dining room. No tablecloths, no extra tables....everything went in the dining room just as it was. This was a Last Chance (at the old catalog) First Glance (at the new catalog) Open House. 

I invited my customers with a postcard placed in all orders delivered over the past month and via a customer email sent directly to my customer list. I offer my guests a free gift for letting me know if they can make it or not. (Helps me know who to expect). 

Sorry for the blurry picture, but this was literally my Grace Adele display. Grace Adele was not my focus this Open House since it's Scentsy transition month. 

I think you can absolutely do a display with a single purse and 2 clutches. This would be my personal collection...yes, I'm a bit of an addict. 

The Velata set-up was easy too. I put out Raspberry White Chocolate and Peppermint Dark Chocolate originally, but I eventually had to get out Caramel Milk to make my kids happy. 

Easy Peasy people. Snacks. Done. 

I always have a booking calendar somewhere at my Open Houses. I booked 4 Fall parties at my last Open House, and I only have 3 dates left in September! (By the way, I found that cute, stand up calendar at Target. Perfect for a booking calendar.)  

I put out all the testers for the discontinuing scents. 

This is my Layers basket that many of you have asked about. That's what I take to parties. Easy, simple. 

Then I put out new catalogs, the Fall flyer, and the new Fall scents and allowed customers to pre-order for the September launch of the new catalog.

I can't wait for these!

And here's the truth about Open Houses. Sometimes they soar, and sometimes they crash. Last month, I had a great Open House. Tonight, no one showed up until 8:00, and then one of my best Open House customers showed up with her friend....the same friend she brought last month. 

And before they left, I had over $150 in orders and a new recruit (the friend signed up to sell Scentsy and Grace Adele!). So no, it wasn't a huge night. I didn't book any parties, but I got a new recruit, and if everything is simple, easy, and not a big to do, then it's totally worth it. 

An Open House will be what you make it. Inviting and then following up is key. Doing them on a consistent basis and making it worth your customer's time and energy is also important. Tonight, I left both of them choose a free Layers item for attending (which I use my host rewards to purchase).  

So there you have it.... a little insight into the Open House. There is something to it. It's one of the main ways I have grown my business over the past 6 years. Never done one? Maybe you should try it. If you're not willing to host for yourself, why would someone else be willing to host for you? 

Just a thought. 


  1. Some great ideas, thank you Allison!

  2. great simple ideas! I am going to share this link on my FB team page.

  3. I love how you only put the retiring scents and the new scents out. Great idea. I love those chalk board stands. Did you make them or buy them?

  4. looks awesome i would come :) thanks for posting


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