Ahhhh September

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I really wish I could put on some boots and a sweater (and maybe some pants too) and watch the leaves fall in my yard while drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte and smelling the delicious smell of Pumpkin Roll coming from my Scentsy warmer. 

Yes, that is Fall my friends. 

And it's not here yet, but September 1st is like the red carpet to Fall. It's coming. 

So in preparation for Fall, I'm loading up on Fall scents and the most to die for warmers we have had yet! 

Yes, I'm talking about the new Scentsy catalog. I'm just saying it's a good thing I'm a consultant, otherwise, I would owe someone else a lot of money. 

Here are just a few things I'm ordering for myself: 

Meet Twiggy. Isn't he precious?! And he smells good. And his turtle shell comes off. Put him in the cart. He's too cute. (And he has friends.....like a super precious owl.)
 Yes, that's Chevron. Enough said.

If you have chickens, you have to have this silhouette wrap. I mean, look at it!

The new lampshade collection....big, glass, and beautiful. I'll show you mine in my entry way as soon as it comes in. They are gorgeous!

And Service and Sacrifice....our Charitable Cause warmer. (More on this soon....awesome things surround this warmer.)

Bring on the Fall. I'm ordering Pumpkin Roll, and Orange you Glad, and Cozy Fireside, and Very Merry Cranberry, and so many more. My house is going to smell like Fall before it drops below 100 degrees here. 

Happy September friends! 

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