Condor and Momma Cindy and a Scheduling Nightmare

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's that time of year when everything begins to get a little crazy. We don't travel a ton in Fall, but we always go to Boise in September for Scentsy's annual SuperStar Director Summit. It's an annual gathering of Scentsy's top leaders, and we wouldn't miss it for anything. This year I was asked to teach a workshop which is exciting, but it also makes everything a bit more busy as we prepare to head out of town. 

Brian is out of town tonight tending to some family business, so I'm left here to prep all the meals and clothes and packing and my presentation for next week. Oh, and everyone's crazy schedules. Plus there is some weird smell coming from underneath the desk in my kitchen that I am going to have to hunt for as soon as I'm done here. 

So I guess we're busy. I like being busy, but I don't like being this busy. We may have slightly overbooked ourselves, but it's just for a moment, and it was sort of because of a thing Brian needed to go take care of. (More on how much I love and admire and adore my husband later.) Really, I'm a lucky gal. 

The kids and I spent some time outside with the chickens tonight. We have 11 now. Yes. We are officially those people. And it's awesome. 

Addy has the runt that we have affectionately named Condor....because, look at it. It looks like a condor. Brian got it for free with the last bunch that he bought. The other chickens were picking on it, and they weren't sure if it would make it, so we rescued it. 

And the reason I keep saying "it" is because there is no way to tell at this age if these are hens or roosters. We think we have a few roosters, but it's too soon to tell. Despite the fact that we don't know their gender (for sure), most of them have names. 

The tiniest one is Condor (or Squirt as Addy calls it). We have a Curly, a momma Cindy (named after our nanny's momma.....and there were actually 2 momma Cindys until we renamed one of them....and for the life of me, I can't remember what we re-named it.) Anyways, we also have 2 Sweeties, an Oprah, a Blue (who has blue toenails...that we painted), and then a couple new ones who don't have names yet. The one Luke is holding is a newbie with no name yet. 

Who knew? Naming chickens is fun. 

On another note, this is what my life looks like right now, and I have plans to get up at 5:30 am, so I think it's time we parted ways. More useless information to come tomorrow.......stay tuned. 

Oh and for the record, the jammies they are wearing in the above pictures, are the jammies they wore ti bed last night and all day long. When you go to church on Saturday nights, that's how Sundays roll. 

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  1. Soo...where you do have your calendars and planners made? They are cute! =D


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