Purse Problems and Boundaries

Monday, September 9, 2013

The hardest part about packing?......trying to decide which Grace Adele purse to bring. I would like to admit that I have always been a bit of a purse fanatic. When I sell all my non-Grace Adele purses on Craigslist soon, you'll see what I'm talking about. 

And now, purses are a write off, which is a slight problem. I'm definitely going with the stone colored bag...it's the newbie to the group and it needs to welcomed to my purse collection family. 

In other news, I'm currently reading/studying/praying through that book up there. It's called Boundaries and it's written by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr John Townsend. It is awesome and challenging and perfect. 

If you have trouble saying no, you're overwhelmed, or you just feel like you have too much on your plate in any area of your life, this is a great read. It's easy to read and you can immediately put it's advice into practice. You can find it here. Oh, and everything in it is backed up with scripture. You will love it. My sweet friend, Sarah Matanane is leading us through it in our bible study, and I'm being challenged by it in the best kind of way. 

But since tomorrow is Tuesday, I've got to run. Our women's group meets here tomorrow morning, and we fly out to Boise tomorrow night. I've got one more chapter to read tonight, purses and clothes to pack, and so much more. 

Happy Monday ya'll. 

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