We all have our messes

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I was just about to close my computer to go to bed when I remembered that I had not written today!

So we have a lot of news around here. We have a new nephew....Lincoln Roy. He is like to die for beautiful! 

We had a busy, family filled weekend. 

Today we went to church and then skipped out on the Hot Mamas 5k to go to the fair. I know.....I didn't run 3 miles and ate an indian taco instead. Good for me. 

But it was a lot of fun. 

Everyone loved the Lego area. They gave all 3 of my kiddos a free 48 piece lego set when we walked in! 

When we got home, everyone agreed to a little quiet time. I was able to get a few things done in preparation for a big new thing we have going on this week (more to come soon). 

I also had a lot of laundry to catch up. Like a whole lot. I turned my dining room into a mini sweat shop. {For the record, if I ever build a house, I will build a giant laundry room that will serve as a family closet. Seriously.} 

I mean, that's embarrassing. But sometimes, I think people don't post enough of their mess. We've all got a mess going on people! And it's okay! 

This was a little more of my mess....in preparation for this strange week ahead. 

Just wanted to say that we all have messes, and we can't spend all our time looking at everyone's pretties on social media while stressing about our own mess. 

Just live. Be you. Be happy. Be present. Find joy. And live in peace. 

My words of wisdom for the week. Happy Sunday. 

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