A fresh passion

Saturday, September 28, 2013

My brain is running in a hundred directions at a million miles an hour. I'm processing from a weekend well spent with 7700 women at Beth Moore's Living Proof Live Event. 

It was truly incredible, and Miss Beth definitely brought a word. 

I'm on overload honestly. If I weren't writing everyday, I wouldn't write about it yet if I weren't writing everyday just because it doesn't all make sense in my brain. 

But I do know this for sure. Beth makes me crazy about God's word. The treasures that she finds....the little mysteries that she reveals in scripture, it makes it crave the word of God, and there is nothing like that craving. 

I have prayed for it many times, and there are several points in my life when I have been obsessed with the Lord's word, but this weekend, that passion came back with a fresh eye. There are so many treasures to be found in God's living, breathing word. 

So while I process an amazing weekend with incredible friends, I'm thrilled that the Lord inspired a renewed passion in me. 

There will be more to come soon...and this is the only picture I snapped all weekend....Sarah Matanane, I'm so sorry we didn't get one with all 3 of us! (We didn't think to do it until we had all walked through the rain....you just can't take a picture after your hair's been in the rain...ya know?!)

{This one was snapped after a break before everyone was back. There were 7700 women in this place, and it was amazing to worship with them.}

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