The Mega Balancing Act

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I wrote a post one time that has had more views than almost any other post I've written. It was called Work Life Balance. And that idea of work, life, motherhood, and balancing it all has been big on my mind this week. 

Today was our 1st day as homeschooling parents. We have a unique situation in that Brian is going to teach 2 days a week while I teach the other 3. 

Talk about having a mega balancing act coming my way. But honestly, I'm not stressed. This week has been a little crazy as I've worked to get curriculum together. I still have my 2 days to "work" and that's all I need if I use my time wisely. I plan on doing that. My kids deserve it. 

I'm excited about my day as teacher tomorrow. We have our first outing with other homeschool girls, so it should be fun. (Even though I have a tendency to be awkward in social situations where I don't know people.) Oh well. I'm okay with it now. 

Today was good. Brian and Addy did school this afternoon and even went on a library trip. Or at least they said they did....I have yet to see the books they checked out...but supposedly she got her own library card and doesn't have to use mom's anymore. 

She said "New Hampster" today instead of New Hampshire. What's better then that? I we got to hear it. A silly little word slip up was enough reassurance that we are doing the right thing (I never would have known that if she had said that in school.) 

We ended the day with brownies that she insisted on making herself with absolutely no help from mom. 

I know not everyday is going to be smooth. And I know that there will be hard times, but we'll work though it all together. That's what families do right? 

It just seems natural and normal and good. 

And I'm good with good. 

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  1. The "new hampster" moments are what I live for in our homeschool.


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