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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So I have received a lot of questions from my presentation at SuperStar director Summit and the blog post I wrote titled Leadership is Personal. I thought I would be smart about it, and type out all the answers here instead of messaging a million people back. {Just trying to be efficient.} 

Here are some of the questions I've received and my answers:

1. Do you set specific times and days to do your one-on-one chats? And do you have a time limit? 
Yes! I "work" 2 days a week when my older kids are in school and we have our nanny watching our 10 month old. Those days I schedule phone, skype, coffee, or lunch chats between 9 and 4. I also set aside one Friday a month (because I have a lot of consultants that are off on Fridays), and 1 evening a month when I schedule chats between 4 and 9 pm. I also set my phone and skype dates to 30 minutes, and I usually schedule them back to back so I have to get off the phone. My coffee and lunch dates I also schedule back to back, and I do set time limits on those as well, but it's usually more like an hour if we're meeting in person.

2. Do you talk to the people between their monthly meetings or just that once a month? 

If they need to talk between our monthly meetings, absolutely. But rarely do we. There may be a few quick text questions or an email, but overall, they start to save their questions and concerns for our monthly scheduled time together.

3. What types of challenges do you do? 
I don't do a lot of challenges honestly. I've found that people are rarely motivated by incentives. Statistics show that people don't work for your reasons, they work for their reasons. I have an ongoing (year round) charm challenge with my team where they earn charms for a bracelet by reading business building books or by moving up the title chain. But that's really all I do. It's more recognition based than incentive based.

4. How do you do recognition? Facebook pages? Personally? Cards? We do most of our recognition through Sincerely Scent (Scentsy's card company). It just makes sense for me. We also do some things in the mail like little unexpected goodies. I rarely recognize on Facebook, just because I'm not on it very much.

5. Team Trainings- What, how and how often do you do team trainings? I do an online team meeting for my personal team once a month. We either use or or lately, They are all very similar and allow people to chat and you to record the training.
I also do a local team get together once a month. This is strictly social and used to build community. I don't come up with any formal training for this event. But it's a great way for my team to get to know other consultants and we always end up sharing ideas and brainstorming together. 
We also do a once monthly online training that I make available to my entire group. This helps aid those whose director may not be doing anything so that everyone has some form of training through the month.
If you're looking to implement something similar in your business, I hope this helps. 
Happy Tuesday!  

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