Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Mile High Club

Well I did something tonight in an airplane that I have never done before....

Yep, I blogged. {Get your minds out of the gutter} 

As a side note, my husband titled this post and told me what to type for the 1st 2 sentences. He's fun like that.  

So I have never blogged from 30,000 feet, that is until today. Who knew you could get wifi on an airplane!? And for $8...worth it just to say I did it. 

That's silly I know. I really am on a plane, and I really am writing here so I don't have to finish up my presentation for tomorrow. I'll get it done. I'm just having a hard time bringing it all together. I guess I better figure that out pretty soon. 

Here are a few things I'm attempting to work into my presentation...whether they make it or not, these are all good pieces of advice from one of my favorite business books called People Follow You by Jeb Blount. 

People need a leader.....that means our job is important and valuable. 
Leadership is personal.
The best leaders are the best relationship builders.
You need your people more than they need you.
If you want people to follow you, treat them in a way that will cause them to want to follow you.
Just a few things for you to ponder tonight.....more to come when my presentation is finished and shiny and pretty.

From the air tonight......


  1. I hope your presentation finds its way onto youtube or something! You are such an inspiration. Thanks for being my SSD. Have a blast!

  2. Nice work together on that opening! :) Best wishes on your presentation. It sounds solid so far.


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