I love Duck Dynasty and a few other sentences

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So I know that you guys love business posts. Sometimes it's hard to put into words things that have become second nature to you. 

To be honest, I'm not really great at any certain part of direct sales. I've never won Scentsy's annual sales award. I've never won the annual mentor award. I've just never seen them as extremely important in my eyes. They are great goals to shoot for, but earning them was never a big goal for me. 

From the beginning, I looked at the compensation plan and set my goals based on what I needed to do to move up to the next title and stay there. That meant building relationships and focusing on others. 

In direct sales, you simply can't succeed on your own. It's impossible. I love the qualifications for our incentive trips. You earn points based on when your frontline consultants promote. It's a big fat reminder that you have to put other people before yourself if you really want to succeed. 

I was lucky that the people who started this journey with me were my family and friends. I wanted them to succeed as much as I wanted to succeed, and that attitude helped us all. 

I think last night I mentioned how important relationships are in business. In reality, that's all it comes down to. I've been thinking lately about how vitally important it is to have healthy boundaries in those critical relationships. 

Maybe that will be tomorrow night's topic....healthy boundaries in business relationships....I think that's a great idea. 

{Can you tell I have writer's block?....I'll work my way out of it.....hopefully something up there was helpful in some way.} 

Sometimes you get bad writing when you commit to writing everyday. Think of this post as a brainstorm. I'll work on it. I promise. 

On another note....I love Duck Dynasty. Since we're working on our relationships here, what is your favorite TV show? 

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  1. I LOVE your business posts.. I feel like I learn a lot form them :)


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