Happy Saturday

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Late last night I cancelled our Director training that was originally scheduled for this morning. I picked 2 weekends in a row and it turns out that everyone can come next weekend, and no one could come this weekend. 

That means more prep time for me, and a great Saturday with the family. 

We went down to Moore this morning for a precious and very special 2 year old birthday party for sweet Lucy. 

We then headed to Bricktown for a yummy lunch and a trip to Bass Pro Shop. 

For the record, those beers were not theirs (or ours). We moved to a table in the sun when some other people left, and the beers stayed.

And this is Wyatt's new favorite face. We all crack up when he does it, so he does it over and over again.

And this just makes my heart happy.

Happy Saturday ya'll. 

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