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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I recently titled a post To Lead. This post is the follow up to that. Following is just as important as leading. 

Today was one of my "meeting days." It was one of the days where I spend the majority of my time connecting one-on-one with my frontline consultants. Today was one of my favorite line-ups. Three of my all-stars. And thanks to our intentional time together every month, I consider them my friends too. 

It is interesting to me how much I have grown and changed from putting my focus on real relationships within my team. I am a better person. Not because I have all the answers or because I'm giving great advice, but because I know people, and they inspire me and encourage me and make me happier. 

That's all really. Just wanted you to know that after spending time with some of my favorite team members today, I am inspired and rejuvenated and encouraged. 

Sometimes leadership is as simple as following the lead of those you lead. Today, that's what I did, and I walked away feeling inspired. 

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