Monday, September 2, 2013

I have the great honor of helping a dear friend tell a story to the world. It's a story that has and will continue to change lives. 

Ellie Kate's story isn't over yet. Though she is in Heaven as we speak, I believe without a doubt that the Lord will continue to use her story to change lives all over the world. It is a beautiful story. 

I wasn't a part of it when it started, so to go back and read it all now, knowing what I know, is hard and beautiful and a perfect reminder of God's grace. I mean, He's continuing to change me this very day through the parts of her story that I didn't know about.

To read more about Ellie Kate, click here if you want to cryor hereor hereor here. She changed me. And she continues to change me. And tonight I miss her with a heart of joy that only Jesus can bring. 

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