The impossible

Saturday, September 21, 2013

There are many things that I have looked at as impossible. 

There are situations in my life even today that I often look at and think, "Lord, how are you going to break down that barrier?" Sometimes things seem impossible to me. 

I have lately been encouraged and inspired by more than one instance that I looked at as impossible at one time. 

One of them is a story that brings tears to my eyes as I begin to think about it. It's a story that I can't wait to tell you. A few of you know it. A few of you have heard it from my tear filled eyes. A story of grace and love and the incredible power of the God we serve. But most of you haven't it, and it needs to be written and told for all to hear. And I will write it soon enough. It even shocks me to say it sometimes. I can't wait to tell you. 

But tonight I was encouraged by someone else's words. I was encouraged by someone else being wooed by the Lord. He has such a beautiful way of drawing us to Him. Sometimes it's unconventional. And usually we go through hard things before we find His peace. 

Tonight I read a story that brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me that nothing is impossible and that God is always working. Oh, He is always working. 

I have followed Kelle Hampton's blog for years now. I love her words and her ridiculously beautiful pictures and her honesty. 

And tonight, I cried when I read this. It's beautiful. And it's a great reminder of how nothing is impossible for our God. 

Just read it

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