Changes in the Works

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I set up shop at my dining room table tonight. I needed to research and plan and research some more. 

My brain is a little on overload. I woke up this morning very late (which I was frustrated about), but more important than that, I woke up to Brian letting me know about a change that we would be making very soon in our family. 

It is something the Lord promoted in my heart and affirmed in his this morning. He said he had a dream last night and then woke up early this morning to seek out the truth in his Bible. 

And suddenly our plans our a little different than they were before. I'm researching like crazy....wanting to stay up late, but also wanting to get up early to seek the Lord and workout and start the day right. 

So I don't know what I have to say here. We're not ready to talk about it yet. There are people we want to tell 1st before we make it public. {It's not a huge deal. I promise.} It's just a pretty big decision on our part. 

I promise I'll fill you in soon. Probably sooner rather than later....I'm a little shocked I haven't already spilled the beans. I'm horrible at keeping secrets. 

More to come.....changes in the works around here. 

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