Because There's No Place Like Home

Friday, June 29, 2012

Dorothy hit the nail on the head when she said it, "There is no place like home."

I love going away, but I think I love coming home even more.

We pulled into our driveway late on Tuesday night. So late, that it was almost Wednesday.

We carried already sleeping darlings up to their own beds to snuggle in for a night at home.

Once the bags were inside and we had made the rounds around the house, my previously groggy mind found a jolt of inspiration.


A new planner in the mail. Junk mail in the trash. Scentsy warmers changed to quickly bring us home. Laundry started, a cup of decaf coffe from the Keurig, and a big glass of water straight from the tap.


There is just something about being home.

I marked off the days we were gone on the house calendar and realized that June is nearly over. It seems like it just arrived.

I started to load the stairs with all the treasures the kids picked up on our trip and all the treasures they took along with them.


Sand ended up on the hardwood floors. Tiny little stowaways from our trip out of the country.

And in the midst of all the unpacking and settling in, I was so sweetly reminded of what it feels like to be home.


Yes, I ate pancakes and bacon everyday while we were on vacation, just because I could. And I did my fair share of lying on the beach while doing absolutely nothing at all, but I would never trade that for the feeling of home.

Knowing there is someplace I belong. Someplace I am comfortable. Someplace we are us. You don't get that just anywhere.

And every part of me wants to remember what this feels like. This bliss. This happiness and contentedness of who we are and where we are because I know that tomorrow will come with all its daily demands and issues, and I will more than likely, quickly forget that I love this.

I want to remember the dreams I've begun to dream while away from home. Sometimes it takes walking away and spending the time remembering who we are to appreciate all we have.

I think I have dreamed more and prayed more over the past couple of weeks than I ever really have. Big dreams. Dreams I used to be too afraid to dream. I'm not afraid to dream those dreams anymore.

So I guess that leaves me to dreaming at home. It's a good thing. 322 of a year of writing.....


  1. What size planner did you get? Did you get an appointment book or day planner? It's cute :)

    1. I get the medium day planner. It works perfectly for my needs.
      Have fun picking one out! They are awesome!


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