Dalke Baby Boy #2

Monday, June 18, 2012

I was so wrong! I just knew this baby was a girl. But.....

I was basing my guess completely on how this pregnancy has been in comparison to my other two pregnancies. And up to now, I thought this was just like my pregnancy with Addison.

Poor little guy. I've been calling him a she for a couple of months now.

I'm so excited. It was very obviously a boy, and yes there is only one baby in there. A sweet baby boy.

Our little family discussed names tonight while snuggling on the couch. Addison suggested Sky. Luke's pick was Red. Lighting McQueen was definitely put on the table, too. Luke also thought "race car" would be a good name.

I guess only time will tell what that sweet baby boy's name will be.

I couldn't be happier. I love the thought of Luke and Addy having a baby brother. I love that Addy gets to be our only princess (at least for now), and Luke gets a brother to play Power Rangers and go on adventures with.

Everything looked good and normal and healthy on the ultrasound today and that's all I could ask for. {He even had the hiccups the whole time we got to watch him.}

Looking forward to adding one more to our household.

.....day 311 of a year of writing.....


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