The Hard Rock in Punta Canta

Monday, June 11, 2012

Well, after a long day of travel we made it to the Dominican Republic.

This Hard Rock Resort is huge and, of course, Scentsy is starting the trip out in true Scentsy fashion. We were entertained at a meet and greet tonight and able to mingle with friends, downline, and a few of our favorite Scentsy executives.

Even our charter flight from Dallas to Punta Cana was decked out in true Scentsy style with Scentsy headrest covers. The entire plane was full of Scentsy peeps. It was pretty cool.

Many first timers hopped in line (yes, there was a line) to meet Orville and Heidi at the meet and greet. They are incredibly gracious with their time at events like this and love meeting and getting to know consultants.

And our room rocks (no pun intended). We literally have a four person jacuzzi tub in the middle of our room.

Yep. That's it. It's awesome. I think it may take an hour or so to fill that thing up. I'll let you know. 

I haven't snapped any photos yet. I promise to take plenty tomorrow and keep you updated. It should be a fun week. 304 of a year of writing..... 

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  1. That totally looks like your belly button. I was super confused why you were topless on a plane!


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