This Is Why I Don't Watch Movies

Monday, October 10, 2011

Overall, my first day as a short term single parent has gone okay. I haven't gotten much work done, but Addison's room has completely been cleaned out and her closet is beautifully organized.

p.m. which is hard to do alone, so I settled into my first night alone with the kiddos (my mom and mother-in-law totally ditched me).

I thought that I'd indulge myself by watching a nice, romantic, girly movie. It's been quite a long time since I've watched a movie, so I didn't even know what was out.

I settled on Something Borrowed. Since I'm not even halfway through it, I can't tell you yet how it is.

Of course I'm multitasking {answering emails, sending emails, blogging, etc}. And twenty-three minutes into my nice, self-indulgent chick flick, Luke woke up.

He wanted juice.

First of all, he never wakes up.

And he never asks for juice!

So, I get him settled back down and tucked in and happily return to my movie.

Only to be awakened twenty minutes later with another request for juice. He's got a stubborn dry cough that keeps waking him up.

But needless to say, this is why I never watch movies. I can't get through one without interruptions.

But I will say that even though I'm enjoying my self indulgent (and slightly pointless) movie, I wouldn't trade those interruptions for the world. I don't miss the days before them. I don't miss the nights without interruptions or the days without temper tantrums.

Sometimes it's the interruptions that remind me how crazy I am about them. 59 of a year of writing.....

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