A Simple Prayer

Friday, October 14, 2011

After yesterday's post of whining, I was overcome with gratitude for the peace that I have had through Christ this year while Brian has been away on his annual hunting trip. Last year was completely different. I was anxious and afraid the entire time he was gone.

This year, I am at peace with whatever may come my way, and it is only because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Father I thank you for Your mercy, grace, and relentless love for us. No matter what we do or what we think, You are continually working in us. You are never done with us, even if we claim to be done with You. 
Thank You Lord for the peace that only You can bring. Thank You for Your ability to free us from the bondage of this world. Thank You for Your arms of comfort and Your spirit of assurance. 
Thank You for loving us when we don't deserve to be loved. Thank You for fighting for us when You should turn away from us. Thank You for sending Your son to us so that we might begin to understand Your everlasting and eternal love for us. 
We are so grateful for Your presence. We are so thankful for Your Spirit. And Father, I am so in awe of Your Spirit in this place everyday. 
I pray, Lord, that Your words would heal us and that Your Holy Spirit living inside us would guide us. 
All these things we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

.....day 63 of a year of writing....

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