The Sunday 7 with a Winner!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's Sunday! What are you doing next week? 

It's time for the Sunday 7. It's when we gather together to list out the 7 most important areas in our lives and make them a priority for the coming week. 

Think of it as mini goals or a weekly checklist. 

Here's how it works:

You start with the 7 most important areas of your life (my 7 below are simply suggestions), and then you list out the one thing you are going to make a priority in the coming week in each of those areas. 

So here are my Sunday 7:

  1. Faith: Start every day in God's Word. (I am getting close to mastering this....I feel like I'm finally beginning a habit.) Memorize a scripture this week. Stay caught up with my Bible study homework.
  2. Family: Spend some much needed "down" time with my kiddos and my hubby before he heads out of town. Fun activities (probably from Pinterest) with the kids. And date night with Brian. 
  3. Women's Small Groups: One of the hats I'm currently wearing is as a volunteer at my church organizing women's small groups. I have not been doing a good job. This week I am coming up with a plan and a system to make it easier to place women in small groups. 
  4. Work (Scentsy): Connect with my directors and congratulate all new directors (set up training with each of the new directors). 
  5. Health and Fitness: Four days of working out this week and four home cooked meals for dinner. 
  6. Finaces: Come up with a solid budget for both our personal and business accounts; have a budget meeting with the hubby; start paying for things with cash (when at all possible). 
  7. Down Time: At least one door locked bath for kids, no noises, just a few minutes of checkout for me. 
What are you doing this week? Does your schedule reflect what's really important to you? Have you tried the Sunday 7 yet? This is the week.....comment below with your Sunday 7 and get it in writing! 

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Congratulations to Jami Jo who won her very own Much Ado About You planner! Here's how she said she would use it:
Jami Jo said...
I have always said that I was a "digital planner." It had worked for me but I am now seeing the need to write EVERYTHING down and I don't always have my computer with me! I think I might need to start switching my mind over to an actual "carry around with me" planner and this one would definitely do the trick!

Congrats Jami Jo! Enjoy your new planner! 

And be sure to watch for our next giveaway coming soon! 51 of a year of writing.....

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  1. Boo I'm so sad I didn't win! :-) But happy for the winner! I need to get on my Sunday Seven this week!


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