The Sunday 7....with Another Giveaway!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well, fall is finally in the air, and I am so excited to wear boots and scarves and do a little fall shopping.

With fall clothes shopping comes the dreaded turning of the closets!

Does anyone else do this? No? It's only me?

Well, go figure.

I'm going to complain about it anyway.

Every time it changes from winter to spring or summer to fall, the closets in the Dalke house get turned into mayhem! I take all the no longer weather appropriate clothes and put them in tupperwares that live in the top part of my closet, and rescue the stuffy, wrinkled, oh how I missed you scarves and boots kind of clothes from their plastic prison so they can live on hangers and in drawers until the next closet change.

It happens to all the closets. I started with Addison's today. Her's is always the hardest. With three girls in our family (two cousins), we have a plethora of girl clothes. My sister-in-law Kristi brought over two huge Tupperwares of clothes for me to go through last week, so  had to start with Addison's closet first.

I'm only about halfway done, but I do plan on showing you pictures later this week. I also plan to tackle Luke's closet this week, too. His is actually really easy. We haven't had any hand me downs with Luke so all I have to do is pull out the clothes that don't fit and put them in a box to be handed down. He also needs a new wardrobe every season which makes that part a little harder.

I do not have any intentions of tackling my closet this week. It is too big of a project! I have to pace myself. And with Brian out of town, I already feel behind.

Even though it's late, I know I have to plan out my week if I plan on getting anything done.

So here is my Sunday 7. To read what the Sunday 7 is all about click here.

  1. Faith: Start everyday this week in God's word. Memorize two new Scriptures this week. 
  2. Family: Be patient with my kids. Make dinner around the table a priority. Reading daily with each kiddo. 
  3. Home Organization: Kid's closets changed over! 
  4. Work (Scentsy): Prep for a great team meeting on Sunday and provide helpful training on our live online training on Tuesday night. 
  5. Health and Fitness: Workout three days this week and cook at least four healthy dinners.
  6. Finances: Finish our Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey) budget. We're going back to cash and going to attempt to pay off all our vehicles ASAP. 
  7. Downtime: In bed by 11:00 each night this week (I'm already breaking this one) and at least one relaxing bath. 
Want to know what the giveaway is? How about my favorite Scentsy warmer and three of my favorite scents?! Jane and a bar of Sugar Cookie, Clove and Cinnamon, and Pumpkin Marshmallow. (Delicious when you mix them together!) 

Anyone can win! All you have to do is plan out your Sunday 7 below by posting a comment. If you need further instructions, click here

Happy planning and good luck! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, October 12th. 58 of a year of writing.....


  1. I totally do the closet thing. It drives my husband crazy cause I put his summer clothes in the attic. I haven't even thought about the fact that I need to do Eli's closet. I probably won't do his this season. And I need to do my Sunday 7. You should do a linky on your blog where people can link their post with their Sunday 7!

  2. Faith: bible everyday, keep up with bible study hw, read 3 chapters of "Power of a Praying Wife"
    Family: state tournament in okc, ryker time everyday, 3 dog walks
    Relationships: talk to all my kids
    Work: plan calculus through thanksgiving
    Health and fitness: run 4 times, cook 3 times, DIET!
    Finances: stick to budget, update weekly budget
    Me time: read every night, in bed by 10!

    I WISH I could do the closet thing!

  3. Ok, so I am notorious for doing your "Sunday 7" on Monday! Owell...

    Faith: I am still trying to watch the Chazown series you recorded! Just get thru the firs week would be a huge success for me!
    Family: We have short days at school this week, so at least one of those days enjoy the afternoon w/ my kids at the park!
    Relationships: Making phone calls to my Scentsy team!
    Work: Aahhhh...I have a ton of stuff I am wanting to accomplish this week as Vee and I transition into my new Director position. The list is too long to write it here!
    Health and Fitness: Workout 3 times this week, run 2 times. Trying to eat healthy while being on a tight budget! Ouch!!
    Finances: Trying to catch up and stay strict on a budget.
    Me time: Why is this the hardest category to think of? My me time right now is spent working. I guess I need to work on my me time this week...

    I love when you do challenges for the Sunday 7 or at least "remind" us about it b/c I find I don't do it on my own (maybe I need to actually "schedule" myself to do it!!), but I love sitting down and thinking about my week! Thanks for all your posting, I love reading them!!

  4. I finished posting, I went to find my "LIST" to keep my week on track. I lost it! Ha, I have no idea where it went! Maybe that's God's way of saying "slow down"!

  5. I change out our closets too! What a chore but it really is so fun finding those clothes that you forgot about and are so excited to wear again.

    I didn't get a chance to do the Sunday 7 on my blog this week so I'm glad for the opportunity to get it out here. Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

    Faith: Spend each morning with the Lord. Dedicate a portion of time this week to having some worship time with Him.

    Family: It's our 4th anniversary this week so I'm planning to take some time to create something special for my man to celebrate. Also must plan my mother-in-law's suprise party!!

    Home Organization: We moved my daughter into her own room so this week I need to transfer all of her clothes and belongings into that new room. Yeah!

    Health and Fitness: Attend my WW meeting on Saturday. Track points for the rest of the week. Walk three more times this week.

    Relationships: Bake muffins and put a gift together for a friend who just bought her first house.

    Finances: We're on a spending freeze this week so I need to get creative about celebrating our anniversary on a zero dollar budget. This should be interesting!

    Me Time: I'm hoping to take a Zumba class on Wednesday night. Read before bed!

  6. Faith: Make it a priority to attend church this Sunday.

    Family: Enjoy the everyday moments, really relish all of it, and document it with the Camera.

    Home Organization: Start to prioritize and get my scrapbook room neat and tidy, so I will have the energy to start getting ahead.

    Relationships: Movie date night with the hubby. Maybe out to eat at our fav. restaurant to celebrate my upcoming birthday.

    Finances: Stop spending on piddily little unnecessarys.

    Me Time: Start reading from that pile of 20 mnassive books waiting to be cracked open.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I've never had anything Scentsy!


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