It's Sunday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday! It sure doesn't feel that way around here. After twenty-seven hours of pre-service foster care training in three days, I feel like we had no weekend at all!

But I am glad to be sitting down and planning out my busy week so I can make sure it all gets done. Sunday means it's time for the Sunday 7, where we focus on the 7 most important areas of our lives and what things need to be done in each of those areas this week.

The Sunday 7: 
1. Faith: This week, I'm going to be in God' Word every single day. I have slipped slightly out of a good habit and have missed those words dearly. I also want to start writing my prayers (in a journal I bought weeks ago), and memorize a new verse. 

2. Family: Focus on more consistency in our household this week. I broke down and ordered chore charts for my kiddos. I was going to make them, but found these on Etsy and couldn't resist! You can find them at Abbie's House on Etsy by clicking here. I know that giving my kids a little more responsibility will be a great thing around our house. 

3. Relationships: Well ,this is my hubby's birthday week! He is turning 30! I plan on spending the week letting him know how much he's loved and appreciated.....shhhhh.....some of it is a surprise just in case he reads this. : )

4. Work: (Scentsy) Oh my goodness! I need to touch base with as many of my frontline consultants as I can this week. Having lunch with a couple of them! I also need to work on plans for our Directors Christmas Dinner and catch up on e-mails....what's new? 

5. Health and Fitness: I'm getting back on track here! When Brian was gone, it was hard to find the time to workout, so it didn't happen! This week, I'm getting back into my early morning workout routine. Yeah! 

6. Finances: We are in the process of going all cash. We're switching from using our debit cards for everything to using cash. It's been a process, but we're almost there. We're holding ourselves accountable with a budget. I need to plan a budget meeting and get our cash envelopes ready to go this week. 

7. Down Time: The hardly ever happens down time.....for me this week, I'm going to make it a priority to read for enjoyment every night and take at least one bath this week. 

So there you have Sunday 7. So what does your week look like? Have you planned it out? Do you have your To Do list started? Please share.....we'd love to hear what's important to you this week. 72 of a year of writing.....


  1. I adore those chore charts. I've had the shop saved in my Etsy favorites for quiet some time now. But Aubrey is only ten months old so I doubt I'll be ordering any chore charts anytime soon. But they were just so cute I couldn't resist! :) Hope they work well for your kiddos!

  2. if I don't write my Sunday 7 down here I don't write it down at all! I like having to sit and think about it, but mine always gets done on Monday. Lol!

    Faith: to start praying INTENTIONALLY for my daughter and the friends she has and the friend she is to others. The "girl friendships" happen all too young these days.

    Family: take Anthony to Legoland while the other 2 kids were at school. We had 3 free tickets that had to be used by the 30th so we actually went there today! Check! Help work with my kids at not being so mean to each other and fighting all the time...I'm ready to take all their toys away! You may read about that next week!

    Relationships: Call my grandparents this week!

    Work: make phone calls to my downline to see where they are at with their goal and what they want out of Scentsy! Email out to team a "recruiting made easy" info email... :) gotta get my team going!

    Health and fitness: I started today a Jillian Michaels DVD Ripped in 30 and her food plan too. So for 30 days I've committed to her 30 day workout and eating plan! Need to get eating healthy again! Now this is in writing and I have to do it! But my end goal is a hot new pair of jeans for my "reward" to myself!

    Finances: ugggg. Working on a strict budget to get back on track with where we want to be with saving each month.

    Me time: getting to bed by 10:30 each night. Ohh that's tough!

    Thanks for the challenge each week!


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