If I Didn't Call You Back....

Monday, October 3, 2011

The question of the day....when's the last time you turned off your phone? Have you lately?

It's a strange feeling when it's something you never do. I really never turn my phone off. We don't have a home phone anyone, so I never turn off my cell.

But today, my trusty phone....I could almost call it an old friend we have such a close relationship....said its final goodbyes.

Luckily, it woke me in time to get me to my 6:00 a.m. workout class, but shortly after that, bye bye phone.

My phone dying resulted in my schedule for the day being thrown out of whack (if you've been around for any amount of time, then you know my schedule is kind of a big deal in my mind). I had to truck it to the Apple store so an Apple genius (aka the extremely smart techie guys behind the bar at the back of the store) could tell me it had seen its last text message.

But before I met with the genius, I walked in and got to talk to one of the not as smart guys that roam the store. They tried to restore my phone, which I had already tried, and that didn't work.

We had to schedule an appointment, so Luke and I spent an hour hanging out in the mall and having lunch in the food court.

And the conclusion I came to.......life before cell phones was not all that bad!

I really enjoyed the fact that no one could get hold of me. There were no texts, no e-mails, no Pinterest to scan or Facebook to check. At first I didn't know what to do with myself......and then it suddenly came to me.......


Just be in the moment, fully committed to what's happening. Be in one place with one thought on my mind. It was quite refreshing!

I'm wondering if I should stop checking emails on my phone. Why do you have to be doing fifteen things at one time? What happened to one thing at a time? 

Who knows? Maybe my morning free of technology will challenge me to go tech free more often. It might be good for all of us. Believe me, if I decide to do that, you'll hear about it here. 

So if I didn't call you back.....it's because I was enjoying a carefree morning with a handsome little guy who enjoyed having his momma and only his momma (and not all the contacts in her phone). 

When is the last time you turned off your connection to the world? It's not such a bad thing. There is an off switch.....did you even know it? 

Try it. I promise you won't die. You may even feel a little more free! 

And don't worry, I plan on getting to all my emails and voice mails tomorrow. : )

.....day 52 of a year of writing..... 


  1. I started turning my phone off in the mornings so I could get the homeschool done with the kids without interruption. I admit, I became addicted! It's very seldom now when my phone is on ring (instead of vibrate) as I like to look at it when I want to!

    I am loving the uninterrupted days!

  2. I lost my i phone in the airport this past week and have been without since. So it is interesting but truly brings you back to the basics.

  3. I think you're just pretending to have a broken phone so Brian has to be okay with you buying an Iphone5 today!

  4. Airplane mode....that has become my new favorite mode on my phone. It still allows me to listen to my music when I am running or working out. But bye-bye to the "dings" for an email, or the "pop" for a facebook notification, etc. Airplane mode, yep totally worth a try!!!!!!


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