Family First Friday

Friday, October 7, 2011

I don't want to climb out of the comfort of my king-sized bed. It's 10:40 p.m. and I'd rather just stay here for the night.

My little guy is snuggled next to me being the sweet boy that he usually is. Key word there is usually.

Today presented its challenges, the biggest ones being those we face as moms.

Luke (my two & 1/2 year old) threw four, over the top, not your typical 2 year old tantrums today alone.

These tantrums began about a week ago, I'd say. Maybe two weeks. But they're not the tantrums Addison threw at 2 years old. She was headstrong, stubborn, and testy, and threw her fair share of fits, but they were different than this.

Luke's crazed tantrums always seem to begin when he doesn't get his way. I guess that part is pretty normal. But they go to an extreme. He screams nonstop, runs from me (with a look of terror on his face) and will eventually throw himself on the ground. If I try to stop him, calm him down, or reason with him (yes, I realize reasoning with him is not realistic), he gets even more enraged.

He scratches at my face, attempts to kick me, and he even pulls my hair when he can get his hands on it.

It is seriously like he becomes another child. It's awful. I have to end up leaving him completely alone. He finds a place to hide (in a closet) and comes out when he's ready.

It's an all around awful experience.

Needless to say, I've been listening to parenting podcasts, bought some new parenting books, the works. Something's got to give here.

My mom and mother-in-law were both here tonight to experience the fifteen minute screaming session/tantrum with me.

They both agree that how ever we choose to respond to these crazed tantrums, we've got to be consistent.

My mother-in-law thinks he could be a genius. :)  Who knows?

I know today's tantrums had to do with us being out of our daily routine. Both of my kids thrive on routine and when we're out of our routine, they struggle.

So, on this Friday, I'm asking that we put family first (only after God, of course). I know that all of us struggle with parenting issues. Raising children to be responsible and respectable adults is no easy task, but as parents, raising our children should be the work of out lives. There shouldn't be anything more important.

Here's what I want to know:
Did your kiddos ever throw tantrums like the ones Luke is throwing? If so, what did you do?!
And what are you struggling with now as a parent (no matter what the age of your children)?

When we become transparent about our struggles with raising our kids, we create the opportunity to learn and grow. Plus, when we're authentic about our hard times, we begin to realize that we're not alone.

Post away. Let's see what we can learn from each other. 56 of a year of writing.....

Oh, and check out tomorrow's stories about the public meltdowns he had today. My eyelids aren't going to stay open long enough to do the stories justice now. Let's just say: Disney Store and Spaghetti Warehouse. It was not fun, but it's hysterical thinking back on what it must have looked like to someone just watching.

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  1. I am so very glad you posted this tonight. I have been so alone latelt, wondering if anyone else's child has tantrums like our two year old. He is nothing like our four year old was when he was this age, and he also had his fair share of fits.. He head butts me and hits my face and I feel like I have completely failed when he acts like this.. I completely agree when you say nothing should be more important than raising our children.

  2. I have two girls and a boy girls are 10 and 5 boy is almost 4. I must say they don't throw tantrums like that but I'm a wing it kind of girl never read a book never followed a schedule. I believe (I might be wrong) that they throw tantrums because youre right they feel off schedule. No books no shows I truly listened to older women my mom my MIL and other ladies at church. Hope this helps and I'm sorry. Mine are SOOOO not perfect but they are so sweet and they do get in trouble.

  3. Have you ever read "Have a new kid by friday" by Kevin Leman?

    We've read that and have watched the 1-2-3 Magic.

    Your library might have both available. I opted to watch the video, because it would be easier on my husband that him struggling to read. Both are very effective, but consistancy is key =)

    Good luck! Our son missed the terrible twos and then we were greeted with the tremendous 3's and it's still a work in progress at the age of 6.


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