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Monday, October 24, 2011

I found the most amazing app out there for you iphone users! I'm serious. It is great, and has saved me time already this week.

If you know anything about me, you probably think I'm busy. Everyone thinks I'm busy! Am I just "that person"? I don't know. I am busy, but not too busy.

(On a total side note: I was wondering today what I would do with free time or what that would even feel like.)

Anyways, back to what I was saying.

This new app I found is called Meal Board.

Meal and Grocery Planner

It is the coolest meal planning app I've ever run across. Here's why:

There is a website where you can add your personal recipes (you can even copy and paste ingredients and directions from any website or text to make things super fast).

Once you have the recipes you want added to the website, you can sync your phone with the data you inputed on the web using the cloud (latest iphone upgrade). Your recipes then instantly show up on your phone.

Then you can add recipes to certain days of the week. But the best part is that once you've added your meals to the week, you can generate a grocery list from those recipes.

Not kidding! It's super easy and so user friendly. It took no time for me to figure it out. And even adding the recipes isn't as time consuming as you'd think.

You can add items to your grocery list manually (if you want to add something not in one of your recipes) or delete items. The grocery list is easy to use at the store too. You can choose to check off items or delete them completely from your list.

And all the items on the list are broken up into categories.

There are also lots of settings that allow you to personalize the categories of your grocery list, the start day of the week, your recipe categories, and more.

I'm telling you, it's a great app! For only $1.99 in the app store, it's worth every penny. For those of you who need a little more time, you should check it out! I love it already. 73 of a year of writing.....

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