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Monday, January 2, 2012

There is probably no better day of the year to chronicle about the last year than the very last day of the year. And, that's when I started this we are three days later and I could only finish half of my trek down memory lane. So this is Part One....Part Two to come soon.

2011 changed who I am as a person.

It tested me; pushed me; created something anew inside me, and I'm excited to travel back through its days and relive it all a little.

I had to start off by remembering New Year's Eve last year. Brian and I went to a Thunder game, had dinner at the Melting Pot with Ryan and Mike McLaughlin and stayed the night at the Skirvin. It was a ball!

January 2011

Brian and I started the year on a Caribbean cruise with Scentsy and its top leaders - Leadership 2011

After the cruise, we stayed in Florida and headed to Miami and then to West Palm to host a team meeting with one of our Scentsy directors, Courtney Clark and her team.

Our babies were happy to see us when we got home. 
 I also went to California in January to hang out with our southern CA Scentsy team lead by Vera Alexander. I actually got stuck there an extra day while there was a huge ice and snow storm in Oklahoma.

 Scentsy was in Riverside, California, for Spring Sprint. We had fun hanging out
 and getting to know each other.

I was loving this orange tree while Oklahoma was covered in snow and ice. 
In January Brian and I also went through our pastor's Chazown workshop. Chazown means vision and our experience helped us both find more meaning and understanding in God's purpose for our lives. That is when and why this blog was started. For more information about Chazown or to work through the process on your own, go to

February 2011
Oddly enough I can't find any pictures on my computer from February. In February we did host our annual Scentsy Leadership Retreat. This year it was called Vision and was held in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

God was definitely working in my heart and in my mind as He began to call me to do more for His kingdom. I started to move in a different direction....out of fear and into freedom. 

March 2011
In March we were busy, busy, busy! I decided that the Lord was calling me to write on this blog every day for three months, so A Post a Day in March, April, and May was started. 

Brian and I spent a few days in Las Vegas for Becca Levi's Leadership Training. We got to see Celine Dion live in concert. It was honestly one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed. 

Dinner at Maggiano's in Vegas...yummo!

                         We rode a helicopter over the Grand Canyon while we were in Vegas. 

We came home from Vegas to celebrate both of our kids' birthdays. Addison turned four and Luke turned two. Abby Coyle took the most amazing pictures of my kiddos.

We celebrated with a HUGE birthday party complete with ponies and a bounce house. 

We were also in full fledged planning mode for our spring group training: Spring Bling.

April 2011
We got elephants at the Oklahoma City Zoo in April. Our elephants went to Tulsa to breed for a few years, and everyone was so excited to have them back in their new exhibit. We love the zoo and spent a lot of time there this spring. 

                         We hosted an Easter celebration for our family at our house in April. 

                   We spent a good amount of time in April at the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts.
                                                It's one of my favorite spring time activities.

May 2011
I started May by running in my 1st half marathon. It was cold, rainy, and close to miserable, but I finished 13.2 miles in 2 hours and 18 minutes. Not too shabby. I also gave myself a knee injury that would put my running on hold for the next two months.

                                           We had a camp out day at Addison's school. 

                                                  And I finally cleaned out my closet.

                                                   Addison had her first ballet recital.

                                             We threw Jacquelyn a killer baby shower.

                         Addy and Luke showed off their gymnastics moves at the M&M Olympics.

June 2011
June was filled with lots of travel and a new baby in our family! 

We went to Tennessee for the wedding of one of Brian's best friends, Danny Zimmerman. We rented a house by a nearby lake and had a great time just hanging out. 

Shortly after our trip to Tennessee, we headed on an all-expenses paid trip (thanks to Scentsy!) to Disney World. 

And my favorite part of the month....we welcomed a sweet baby boy to our family. Jasxon Levi Roy was born! 

And that is just the first half of the year.....stay tuned for part two soon. 143 of a year of writing....

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