Our First House

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Of course, we bought more house then we could buy before we could afford it, but man, if those walls could talk!

Our marriage began in this house. Both our babies came home to this house. We laughed, we loved, we cried.

I hosted my first Scentsy party here (which I will never forget!). I hosted my first team meeting here. There came a day when we had so many chairs in that giant living and dining room that you couldn't get in the front door.

Dreams were born here.

I will never forget the night I promoted to SuperStar Director (October 31, 2008). I sat in that corner chair in the living room and cried and cried. It felt like the beginning of something new for us. (And I had no idea!)

This house held us for five years. It was home.

And it was bittersweet when we moved. There were so many memories. Our many late nights on the back porch. Our many late nights in the dining room playing cards and board games.

All of the family members who called it home at one time (three of our sisters!), surprisingly still love us!

And I can't forget this table....where Addy ate her first solid food. Where I set the table for dinner night after night. Where I signed up for Scentsy after hours of research.

But after all that, it's time to move on. It's time to sell this house. I know its walls will be ready to take in the stories of a new family.

If you know of anyone in the OKC area looking for a home, please pass along our listing. Check out the link below to see the most recent pictures and all the specifics.

.....day 166 of a year of writing.....

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