Happy Birthday Jesus....Let's Celebrate

Monday, January 9, 2012

Well, Santa did come to see the Dalkes this year, and he was oh so generous as always. We had a magical Christmas morning at home.

Checking out what Santa left in front of the fireplace. 

Taking it for a spin. 

Handing out presents to the doggies.

Luke finally wakes up to join the party.

See brother, this is how you do it. 

What's in there, Mom?

Trying out the new power tools. 

I love good old fashioned wooden tools. So much fun. 

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Let's see if we can make Addy's hair stick up straight. 

We did it!

Time for a little boxing lesson in a princess dress, of course. 


Luke's turn.

Still a victor. 

Addy with her grammy. 

The Dalkes on Christmas morning + 2 very large chocolate reindeer. 
That evening we headed over to Kristi and Jason's house (Brian's sister and her husband) to celebrate Christmas with Brian's side of the family. (It feels weird to write that. I consider them my family just as much as they are his.) We had a crazy, loud, exciting bit of fun. 

Kristi and baby Jaxson.

Watch this Jaxson!

Addison and Kylie playing Santa. 
.....day 150 of a year of writing....

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