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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One of the goals in my 6th grade dream journal says: Read the Bible cover to cover.

So, that is my intent this year.

And I'm happy to report that I'm off to a pretty good start thanks to

I don't know if you've ever had any desire to read the Bible in its entirety. Maybe you'd just like to get your feet wet and get started. However, if you want to read the Bible, has a plan for you.

There are multiple reading plans for reading through the Bible in a year. I chose to read through the historical version. It will take me through the Bible in a year and take into account the actual time in which all events happened.

I love because it allows me to read on my phone, wherever I am, on my iPad, on my computer, on the Kindle, or out of my actual Bible. All of your devices will sync automatically, so if you read for a few minutes on your phone while you're in line at the bank and then pull up on your computer when you get back to your office, will remind you where you are in your plan.

It's pretty cool.

There are reading plans over just about any topic you can think of. Here are just a few:
Why does God Love me?  (5 days)
Faith (12 days)
What is Love?  (16 days)
Love and Marriage (5 days)
Courage (1 week)

To see the full list of Reading plans available on go to

Find one that you can dive into today! is a free app available for all smart phones, and can be accessed over the internet.

Hoping you find peace in God's Word this year. 145 of a year of writing.....


  1. This is amazing! So thoughtful of you to share :), thank you!

  2. I just started my reading today!! I have said so many times that I was going to read thru the Bible in a year and NEVER have followed thru. I LOVE this b/c quite frankly, I am such a slow reader it would always take me so long to complete the readings...but now w/ this you can actually have it read to YOU!!! It's my fav, and I get to follow along! So, I am actually going to complete it this year!...keeps track for you and everything! Love it!

  3. Thank u for sharing this! One of my ny resolutions (well 2 of them) was to start reading God's word every day and go back to church. I will definitely take advantage of this app!

  4. that's my goal this year too... i'm on the M'Cheyne reading plan... old testament once and new testament twice. so far so good! let's keep each other on track :) XO.


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