Friday, January 27, 2012

My mind's abuzz with opportunity. That word is just so full of potential.

I've been working and re-working my speech for Oklahoma's Spring Sprint Training event being held this Saturday. I was asked to speak, and I'm excited. I love any opportunity to be on stage, but I've re-worked my speech about six times in the past three days.

The original powerpoint is pretty much gone. I've cut out things, added stories, and tried my best to keep it at ten minutes (which is how long they gave us to speak).

But I have pretty much concluded that it's going to be over by a bit....I just can't cut anymore!

My biggest goal is for everyone to have some practical piece of advice they take away from what I have to say. The problem is I probably have too much to say! : )

There is just so much opportunity within Scentsy. I want everyone to know not only what they can offer a potential recruit, but also the potential they already hold in their hands as current consultants.

I'm excited. I love to be on stage. I really do, and that's all thanks to Scentsy. I just hope what I have to say is beneficial.

For some reason, I care more this time than any other time before. We're planning on filming the presentation, and hopefully you'll see it here!

Sorry if this is all rambling, my mind is tied up.

Looking forward to this weekend.....

.....day 167 of a year of writing.....

1 comment:

  1. I am so excited to hear you speak! It is always a blessing! You inspire me so much! Love you girly! :)
    See you Saturday!


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