The Pre Christmas Re-cap

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I have put it off long enough. It's time to upload all those photos and make a note (really more for me than for you) : ) of everything we did this Christmas.

We started Christmas off with a Christmas program at Addison's school. It is so whimsical there. I love it! There were handmade snowflakes hung from the ceiling as you can see, a tree that reached to the 2nd floor of the house, and a lot of very excited kids ready to sing to their parents.

The next morning, we celebrated with a Christmas party fit for a king including a viewing of The Polar Express. There was a a huge spread of food for breakfast, everyone showed up in their jammies, and even Santa Claus himself made an appearance.

The following Tuesday, Luke had his first school program. He looked so handsome standing with his friends from school. He didn't do a lot of singing, but none of the two year olds really did.

Before we knew it, we were headed to Lawton. My birthday was on the 21st, so we celebrated with a family dinner while we were there. Addy got a hold of the camera and took a few shots for us.

My grandpa and Aunt Susie. 
Hi Daddy! 
Our elf, Snickerfritz, traveled to my mom's house with us.
My momma does a great job of making my birthday feel like a birthday! 

We celebrated Christmas with my mom and step-dad and Whitney and Kris on Christmas Eve morning. Someone even filled our stockings.

This styrofoam light-up stick may have been Luke's favorite gift all Christmas. 

Uncle Kris got a sweet surprise as one of his presents. 
Even the doggies get presents at my mom's house. 
He's still playing with that light-up stick. 
And now he has two!

After lunch and presents at Nana and Papa's house, the rest of the day was spent painting nails, crafting, and baking. 
Chocolate popcorn 

Thanks for letting me make this my personal scrapbook. Heaven knows I'll never get actual scrapbooks put together, so this will have to do. 

Happy January! 148 of a year of writing.....

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